Sound and field recordings

‘I focus on the sound of the surroundings I wish to place myself in and record that natural world which in some way may have been affected by humans but undoubtedly has been affected by the passing of time’.

These field recordings are in essence the instruments linked with tone generation that form the process and result by means of sequencing, looping, effecting or manipulation. This thus creates a minimal sound akin to the electronic ambient music genre but is purely sound as apposed to music and follows artistic expression rather than the laws of music and notation. There is a bridge to the visual artistic work and vice versa, a expression of the deep soul and it’s connections

‘Morning- Part 1- Within minutes from home‘

This a short film with sound recording created over a few days in April 2020 during a time of lockdown. The Artist is working with visual and sound elements to create a multi disciplined body of work around the theme of ‘Within minutes from home’. The field recordings are processed and manipulated.

‘I’ve been focusing on what elements of nature, the quiet forgotten corners, the abandoned places that are minutes from my home in Edinburgh. The former Leith and Granton Railway (cycle paths) have been a surprising inspiration. Intersections lines, paths, forgotten bridges, tunnels, fresh green trees, morning bird noises in a community wood. I normally like to get out of the city and into the depths of nature and out to the West Coast or pockets on the East coast of Scotland. It’s strange what one finds when your wings are clipped and one has to adjust to a set of limitations’.

Drew Catlow

‘New ideas emerge of their own free will if they are allowed to’ David Toop.